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You Need A Pickup That Works As Hard As You Do, Even When You’re Not Working. Wherever you travel across this land, you’ll see that Chevy Silverado is on the job. Carrying the weight. Building the bridges. Working the family farms. And sometimes, just working to take a break from it all. Whether you need a pickup truck to haul a truckload of materials to a job site or simply haul it out of town for a weekend camping trip, you need a pickup that works for you – even when you’re not working. That truck is the Silverado, the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickup truck that fits your lifestyle. From getting there to getting away from there, Chevy Runs Deep.


The Truck That Punches the Clock When You Do. When you’re on the job from sunup to sundown, the worst time to find out your truck doesn’t have it is when it’s in the middle of it. Long-lasting and dependable, the Silverado 2500HD is engineered with durable advanced technologies: a strong powertrain for big towing numbers, a sturdy frame to handle large payload and deliver a smooth ride, and secure trailering features to help keep it all under control. In other words, it’s very capable indeed in all the areas that matter. From the work you do, to the life you live, Chevy Runs Deep.


Take Your Job And Handle It. Whether you’re building roads or subdivisions, you’re also building a reputation for getting the job done. And capability is where it’s at in the heavy-duty full-size pickup truck world. It will come as no surprise the Silverado 3500HD is very qualified when it comes to torque, payload, horsepower, towing capacity, handling, and performance.

It’s the pickup truck that backs you up with an available Duramax® Diesel generating more torque than any other Chevrolet full-size pickup. It’s the one with bigger towing numbers. It’s the full-size pickup truck with a sturdy frame to handle payload and deliver an excellent ride. In fact, Silverado offers the best-in-class maximum towing capacity and the best-in-class maximum payload capacity. From job site to off site, Chevy Runs Deep.


Efficiency Or Performance: Reconcile The Difference Between Want And Need. For truck lovers, the phrase “fuel efficient full-size pickup truck” is no longer a contradiction in terms. As America’s first two-mode full-size hybrid pickup truck, the Silverado Hybrid offers fuel efficiency you just can’t get with any other competitor – 20 MPG city and 23 MPG highway. But that’s just half the story. Silverado Hybrid also delivers the kind of legendary performance you expect from a Chevy truck: 332 horsepower, 367 lb.-ft. of torque, up to 6,100 lbs. of towing capacity (2WD), and up to 1,527 lbs. of payload capacity (2WD).

Whenever there’s life to be done – and fuel to be saved – that’s when you’ll realize you need the Silverado Hybrid.